Stress and Its Symptoms and Its Treatment

Stress and Its Symptoms and Its TreatmentWe all have experienced some form and level of stress. But what are the symptoms? Well first of all those experiencing very high levels of stress will certainly feel the adverse affect it has on their body and subsequently on their behaviour. Their mind will almost certainly be in overdrive and their sense of well being will be low. They may well have been suffering from stress for a considerable period of time before these symptoms became noticeable.

Those suffering badly tend to feel ‘less important’ than they used to feel, as their self esteem takes a sharp spiral in a downward direction. They become more and more anxious, and their mood becomes changeable and erratic. They often fear the worst as their troubled mind races away with them. They worry continuously, usually unnecessarily. They analyse over and over again all the possible scenarios that may or may not result of any given situation or situations. Their mind is in turmoil. Often their moods are very bad indeed, which leads to verbal outbursts of seemingly irrational abuse, even to those who they love

Keep Your Heart Healthy With Omega 3 Fish Oil

Keep Your Heart Healthy With Omega 3 Fish OilIf you are considering components that can ensure overall health and fitness, Omega 3 Fish Oil should definitely be present in your list. One significant benefit of this component is the reduction in the danger of stroke by reducing blood pressure levels. Next, it is also known to comprise a blood thinning capability that prevents embolism and prevents heart attacks. And the importance concerning this compound has been emphasized by the National Heart Foundation (NHF) based in Australia that has recommended a daily intake of a minimum of 500 mg of DHA and EPA, which transfers to about 2 capsules of Omega 3 Fish Oil to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Whereas for the individuals who are being affected by heart ailments the NHF recommend they consume 1,000 mg per day of EPA & DHA through fish oil supplements as well as 2,000 mg of alpha-linolenic acid on daily basis.

It is a known fact that heart disease is one of the major reasons for death in our modern society. The American Heart Association recommends that individuals who are

Do You Know How To Control High Blood Pressure With Your Mouth

Do You Know How To Control High Blood Pressure With Your MouthDon’t let high blood pressure steal your life, or your lifestyle! Get hypertension under control with changes to your diet. What you put in your mouth has an extreme effect on your blood pressure, how you feel, how much energy you have, and your overall health.

When you make a concerted effort to change your diet you should see your blood pressure drop, your cholesterol levels improve, and maybe even a few pounds disappear.

Your Diet Controls Your Health

Use less salt and drink more water

Start reducing salt intake immediately, and get to a daily limit of 1500mg. You need salt, so be sure you don’t get radical and eliminate salt altogether, stay with 1500mg.

Your body needs a minimum of 8-8oz glasses of water every day. Replace sodas and other beverages with water. Drink 8oz of water immediately after getting up in the mornings, and immediately before going to bed.

Increase fruits and vegetables

Get away from fast foods and as much processed foods as possible. Eating vegetables and fruits

Yoga For Lowering High Blood Pressure

Yoga For Lowering High Blood PressureThe practice of yoga in general can be a very beneficial therapy for lowering high blood pressure naturally. A gentle practice helps to calm your mind and body. Stress management is a recommended treatment for patients suffering from this problem and this ancient practice is an excellent exercise with which we can have in this regard. However, you should take some precautions that I mention below.

Generally inverted poses – where your legs are above the heart and higher heart head – not recommended, as they tend to rise more pressure. However, the position Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge) held on cushions or other support, is energizing for the kidneys and relieves the nervous system, reducing high blood pressure.

Recommended Yoga Poses
Moreover, the asanas recommended are for example those with the spine are horizontal and they allow the heart to slow down because they require less effort to pump blood to the brain. Sitting and lying postures as Baddhakonasana, Konasana Upavista Virasana and are very useful for people with high blood pressure. The forward

High Blood Pressure and Its Relation With Sleep

High Blood Pressure and Its Relation With SleepOne in every three adults are reported to have a problem of high blood pressure and two of three people with diabetes are estimated to have it too.

High Blood Pressure is often termed as a “silent killer”- as you would not know about it until your health care provider figures it out when you give a visit to him.

Hypertension can also lead to risk factors like heart attack and heart failure, as with this serious condition, the heart cannot pump enough blood required by the body. In addition to this, this has serious implications on:

The Brain: High BP (Hypertension) is considered as the most critical risk factor for stroke.

Vision: It may even cause blurred or impaired vision or even worse, as could result in blindness also.

Arteries: Plague buildup in arteries could also be one of the reasons for hypertension as this will make your heart and kidney work harder.

Kidneys: It can also lead to narrow blood vessels in kidneys due to which kidneys don’t function properly and toxins builds up in

Tips To Lower High Blood Pressure

Tips To Lower High Blood PressureWhen most people are diagnosed with hypertension, their doctors will prescribe some form of remedies, in terms of medication. However, medication is not the only option that can keep your heart healthy and your blood pressure down.

Below are eight tips that you should probably consider adding to your routine, if you do suffer from hypertension:

  1. Quit smoking! This is one of the first thing, outside of prescribed medication, that anyone diagnosed with hypertension should consider. Smoking narrows and hardens arteries and veins, and makes your heart work harder – none of which are good things.
  2. Another good idea is to start exercising. A little bit of moderate exercise is great for your heart, and can help to lower blood pressure significantly. Just do not overdo it, and make sure you clear your exercise plans with your doctor first!
  3. Learn stress management techniques. None of the remedies out there, even medication, will help much if you are stressed!
  4. Losing weight is another easy way. If you are carrying extra weight, your heart is working harder, and that means that your blood pressure will be higher.
  5. Consider your

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Foods That Lower Blood PressureWhen it comes to lowering your blood pressure, medication can be of great assistance. However, what you eat and drink is more important than medication itself. Studies have shown that food and drink is just as powerful as medication. This article will have a look at 5 foods that lower blood pressure.


Banana’s contain approximately 450 milligrams of potassium. If potassium is consumed more, more water and sodium will go through your urine. Potassium removes the dangerous effects that sodium causes. In order to lower your pressure, the amount of sodium consumed each day should be less than 1500 milligrams. The amount of potassium should be increased to around 4700 milligrams.


Another food is yoghurt. An adult should have about 1000, to 1500 milligrams of calcium daily. Yoghurt that has a plain flavour and has no fat in it, will help your pressure to remain low. It is recommended that a couple of cups or more should be consumed each day. You could also consume this yoghurt with vegetables, dips or on the top of oatmeal.

Dark Chocolate

How to Say Goodbye to Blood Pressure Problems

How to Say Goodbye to Blood Pressure ProblemsThere are about a million-and-one health concerns we have, especially as we get older. The doctor is probably talking to you about blood pressure, weight, nutrition, respiratory health, muscular/skeletal health and more all at the same time. This can all be a little overwhelming, yet luckily, being all around healthy may be easier than you think.

One of the biggest issues people begin to run into, especially as they get older, is blood pressure. Too high or two low, whatever it is, having blood pressure that’s out of whack can throw your whole system off. Luckily there are a ton of different methods out there that can help you get your blood pressure back on track, a lot of which will improve your overall health in many different areas!

#1 Blood Pressure Check-Ups

You’re probably already receiving regular check ups at your doctor, but it’s good for you to be able to check in-between visits yourself. There are several different types of equipment you can use to do this, so you should

Using Inversion Tables for Low Back Pain

Using Inversion Tables for Low Back PainIs using inversion tables for low back pain a good idea? Is it safe? Who shouldn’t use one?

These are all very important questions for anyone considering inverting. Although simply hanging upside down may seem benign, it can aggravate certain types of health conditions. In this article I’ll discuss what I’ve learned in my experience with inversion tables and what my chiropractor has told me about using them.

Over the years my back has taken a beating from martial arts, running, scoliosis, sciatica and a bad car wreck. However, the last thing I wanted to do was give up being physically active. I didn’t want to completely stop my martial arts training, my weight lifting and my running. – But, I definitely wanted to completely stop my low back pain and other issues like sciatica.

For many years I had tried medication, stretching, physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care in order to treat my back issues. Yes, all of these methods helped to some degree. However, I didn’t want to have to depend on expensive prescription medications forever. Medications that

Understanding Mid Back Pain

Understanding Mid Back PainAny pain that occurs in the region between your upper and lower back is called mid back pain. This area consists of the spine, the spinal cord, discs, nerves, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments. Professionals usually refer to this area as the lower thoracic spine. Any of these parts of the spine may get inflamed or irritated due to various reasons, causing pain which could be severe or mild.

Major Causes and Risk Factors of Mid Back Pain

Vertebrae surround the nerves that are wrapped around the spinal cord. Between the vertebrae are spongy discs which are made of cartilage. These discs provide smooth motion to the back and act as cushions to them. The ligaments, tendons and muscles also have a similar role in order to give support to the system and improve movement within the body. If any of these parts get inflamed, it can lead to discomfort and pain.

Some of the more serious conditions that may lead to problems in the area include spondylitis, fibromyalgia or a herniated disc. If a disc is bulging, it can put pressure on the

Does Back Pain Ever Go Away

Does Back Pain Ever Go AwaySometimes it seems that your back pain will never go away. You have tried all the treatments from rest to physical therapy, even surgery, but the pain lingers. Sure some days are better than others. There are days when there is no pain and then days when the pain just makes you want to lie in bed. Is there any sure fire way to back pain go away and never return?

Well the short answer is no! I say this based on my own experience and research. The back is a complex system of vertebra, disc, nerves, spinal column, muscles and ligaments. Keep all this properly aligned relies on many factors. Below are four of the biggest factors.

  1. Weight: Even an extra five pounds of weight can put enormous strain on your back, especially if it’s around the middle an area where most men gain weight.
  2. Lack of Exercise: Keeping the weight off goes hand in hand with exercise. We are a sedentary people. Humans were not meant to sit all day. Are bodies were designed to be on the move.
  3. Improper lifting: We all

What Is Text Neck

What Is Text NeckIs your smart phone literally a pain in the neck?

Text neck is being described as a modern ailment that is due to spending long periods of time staring down at your mobile phone, tablet or other device.

Recent research shows that smart phone users are spending an average of 4 hours each day staring at their device (that’s 1,400 hours each year!), so it is no wonder that the incidence of ‘text neck’ is on the rise! And it seems that this relatively new phenomenon is becoming alarmingly common with the increasing prevalence of mobile technology, particularly among younger generations.

The posture we adopt as we stare at our phones increases the stress on the neck and can cause excessive wear and tear that could lead to permanent damage.

The problem with this is that in order to look at your screen, you need to bend your head forwards into a flexed or dropped forwards position. This unnatural position actually reverses the normal backward curve of the cervical spine (your neck). This change can actually be observed on X-Rays, where we

Is Sinusitis A Communicable Disease

Is Sinusitis A Communicable DiseaseIn a majority of cases, sinusitis or rhinosinusitis is not spreadable, but there are sinus infections that can be transmitted from one person to another. In this section, we are going to see if or not sinusitis is contagious.

The experts have different opinions on it. Usually, sinusitis is caused due to a sinus infection that is triggered by bacteria, viruses or fungi. With these microorganisms, it’s more likely that this condition can be spread further amongst individuals. In that way, it can become contagious.

On another hand, it’s also believed that it’s not the organisms that may cause sinusitis, but it’s usually the condition of one’s sinuses that can make them vulnerable, more or less to infections.

Note: Infection is also spread from one to another due to such microorganisms that already live in our body only. There are no occasions required for outside contamination.

Many doctors think that sinusitis is only spread in rare cases. However, it’s advisable that a person with such condition stay away from the child and elderly for prevention.

How do I check If I

Will an Air Purifier Cure Asthma or Allergies

Will an Air Purifier Cure Asthma or AllergiesWhat is asthma and allergy?

The body’s reaction to any particular substance that compromises the smooth functioning of the respiratory system can block the air flow which leads to difficulty in breathing. This labored breathing is asthma. There are allergies that cause problems such as skin rashes, cough, cold, sneezing etc. Both asthma and allergy could be frequent when the causative substance is in the vicinity. The frequency and intensity can worsen if the concentration of causes is more in the indoor air. Asthma is an attack on the respiratory system while the allergies are due to a compromised immune system.

The relation of asthma, allergy, and air purifiers

Many people believe that if they can get an air purifier they got a quick solution for their asthma or allergic reactions. In a way it is true but the air purifiers do not serve as a cure for these problems. It will only assist in relieving these problems for awhile.

The air purifiers purify the air and remove the allergen that can trigger these problems. The constant working of

Removing Nasal Polyps Naturally May Be Better Than Surgery

Removing Nasal Polyps Naturally May Be Better Than SurgeryOver the years I’ve experienced all sorts of sinus issues. These issues have impacted my workouts. – Everything from lifting weights, to martial arts, to simply going on walks along with a whole host of other things.

It’s Not Just Allergies

In the beginning I thought this was all just bad allergies or a cold I just couldn’t shake. However, after time went by, I knew that this problem was a little more involved that I originally thought. This is when I discovered that I was suffering from a nasty little condition known as nasal polyps. (Just the name makes me cringe.)

What are Nasal Polyps?

So what are nasal polyps anyway? Well they are abnormal tissue growths that develop in the nose. They vary in size and can be pink, gray or yellow in color. For the most part they have a teardrop shape. These growths of course are what made breathing through my nose hard to do.

What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of nasal polyps include loss of smell, loss of taste, runny nose,

Allergies In Children

Allergies In ChildrenChildren fall ill all the time and it can often be difficult to figure out whether they are suffering from an allergy or whether they have simply caught some virus or infection. While allergies often surface after a child crosses the age of four, some of them may start to show signs of food allergies even before that. Otherwise, children below this age may be reacting to dust or pollen in the air.

Nasal allergies are very common and they can often lead to larger problems like asthma. These signs include itchy noses, sneezing, congestion in the nose and nasal drainage. Observing the weather conditions when your child most frequently gets these problems could help a doctor in determining whether it is an allergy or not.

Sore Throats

Very often, an extra amount of mucus may be produced due to an allergy. This can lead to a nose dripping or leaking down the back of the throat which then becomes a post-nasal drip. When this happens, it affects the throat which can then come out in the form of a cough, a husky voice or

Steps To Smart Detoxification

Steps To Smart DetoxificationWith so many people jumping on the detox bandwagon and getting involved in various cleansing programs, it’s important for you to stop and consider what works for your body and your life when it comes to detoxification.

Most of those juice cleanses in their fancy packaging do nothing positive for your body – in fact, they may do more harm than good. They will more often than not…

  • cause you to lose muscle mass, and may
  • decrease your resting metabolic rate, even
  • set you up for several nutritional deficiencies.

Rather than take steps that will bring harm to your body there are a variety of measures you can take to help cleanse your body and fast-track your way to optimal health.

Let’s take a quick peek at what these are so you can add them to your protocol…

1. Eat Your Leafy Greens. When it comes to supporting a healthy body, you just cannot take in enough leafy greens. Kale, spinach, and collard greens are all excellent for your body and contain compounds that can assist with the detoxification process.

Aim to

How To Detoxify Your Body Quickly

How To Detoxify Your Body QuicklyPeople often wonder why their dieting regime is not giving the results they expected. I’m sure most of you have the same question too! But don’t worry, We have the answer!

Most of the times, people change their eating habits instantly, without refreshing/cleansing their body. Because of that the body is not able to make the adjustments according to the new diet plan. Hence, it is important to reset your whole system before going on a new diet. In order to tackle this issue, you need to treat your body like a PC (Personal Computer A.K.A Desktop). Yea, you read that right, a PC! Our body is actually like a PC when it comes to fitness and dieting.

Read on, this comparison will make sense soon!

Imagine that your PC is corrupt and you have to install a new window to make it work. Now, can you do it by overwriting the previous corrupted version? Yea, maybe you can. But will the PC work properly? No, it won’t. It will never give you the results you want. Our body behaves in the

Cleanse Your Body Change Your Life

Cleanse Your Body, Change Your LifeAs president John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

Today while searching and surfing the web I came across an idea. I’ve recently had some medical problems mainly due to my immune system being not all that great. So I decided to make a huge lifestyle change, throwing the bad habits which means my addiction to sugar and sweets… ugh hard I know… and becoming a healthier person inside and out. God gave us this body to protect and look after so it’s our duties to actually care enough to change for the best!!

I want everyone to benefit from all the information and actually have the will to change. Whatever it is you’re addicted to, cigarettes, sweets, alcohol, junk food or even a bad lifestyle. Change it!! You have the strength in you to be the best version of you. You’re not alone in this!! All it takes is the determination and the will power to change. With a healthy body you’ll

Awesome Benefits of Natural Juices

Awesome Benefits of Natural JuicesJuices are sweet and are considered as one of the favorite kinds of drinks in all age groups. Natural Juices are the kind of juices that not only gives us satisfaction in its taste but also its health benefits.

It helps to strengthen your immune system and protect your body from diseases. Apart from it, natural juices from fruits and vegetables can give us enough amounts of vitamins so that our metabolism will be balanced. A well-regulated metabolism converts fats and carbohydrates into energy. Our nerves and muscles are powered by the nutrients that we can get from this kind of food. This will then connect to the fact that the more our metabolism is regulated, the more we can have our diet checked. So, if you want to go slim and healthy, juices play a huge factor in its wake. But it is still advisable for weight loss plans to have the fruits eaten rather than drinking.

Drinking natural Juices extracted from fruits and vegetables can help us to consume more vegetables and fruits than we normally do. People tend to consume below